Passionate about coffee, passionate about community.


We source the finest African and South American coffees and roast each one to bring out it’s unique character and flavour. Whether you enjoy our coffee at home, at one of the many speciality coffee shops we supply, or if you come and sample a coffee from one of our highly trained baristas at our espresso bar in Mill Hill, we’re sure you’ll appreciate the quality and uniqueness.


We believe coffee can be used to change communities too. We’re committed to employing and training local people and offering fantastic training and mentoring opportunities to young people. We’re also committed to working with coffee growing communities in developing countries, helping them to use coffee growing as a tool to resource their communities through excellent farming techniques and allowing them to make the most from what they trade.


If you’re interested in drinking some of the best coffee around, in learning more about our work in the community, or even in supporting coffee growing communities we’d love to connect with you.


Josh Kane




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You can choose to have your deliveries once or twice a month to suit you.

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